Alicia Lucci - Design Portfolio


Interior Design is not simply finding a solution to a problem. Creating a space that can change and grow with the occupants takes a multifaceted approach of understanding the environment, the intended use, and the potential inherent within that space.

My strength as a designer derives from several interests that have coalesced into a comprehensive approach. My first area of studies - literature and psychology - provides the means to better understand and communicate what I see within the space. Several years of customer service experience has honed a sense of patience and the potential to work with others toward the bigger picture. Three years of merchandising in the home improvement industry has not only led to a deeper understanding of materials and finishes, but it has also provided the opportunity to see the marketability and effectiveness of retail space planning. Leading a team through the execution of corporate merchandising standards has been invaluable as well.

Obtaining my second BA in Interior Design from Kean University, I was able to combine my skills along with foundational elements to develop a holistic approach that is open to adaptation.